New Year’s Letter

Dear Friend,

Here we are.  It’s the start of a new year, a blank slate.  What will this year bring?  What are you hoping for?  What are your goals?  Are you going to make any resolutions?

I remember this time last year, you made a resolution to lose weight.  You spent time, money, and energy preparing for this goal.  You got a gym membership, you asked for workout clothes for Christmas, and you stocked your fridge with organic fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.  Your pantry housed whole grains (but no too many) and tea (no coffee because the only way you like coffee is with cream and sugar).  You purchased a Clean Eating cookbook with the gift card you got in your stocking.  You were so psyched to make last year your healthiest yet!  As the year went on, you were struggling to meet the expectations you had set for yourself.  You were missing your weight goals and you could not figure out why, so you switched up your diet plan to ditch the carbs.  You knew that gave you quick results the last time you did it, but you did not have the willpower to keep the weight off.  This year would be different.  As the year progressed you were meetings your goals, but were still behind where you wanted to be.  You felt like a failure.  Then the holidays approached again and you decided you were tired of thinking about food all the time and you wanted to enjoy the holidays and start again with the New Year.

How many years has this pattern happened?  The hashtag #NewYearNewYou is so tempting and you want that to be true for you, but you are also tired of not enjoying your life.  What if you made a different resolution this year?  I know it’s scary to go into the new year without a health goal, but what if you decided to learn more about how your body works instead of forcing it to change?  What if there are some things you are already doing that positively effect your health that you might enjoy doing more of?  I hope you are able to put some thought into your resolutions this year and chose to do something that will bring more peace and less stress into your already stressful life this year.  You deserve it.


A concerned friend


Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

So it has been a while, but I’m back to blogging.  I stopped writing for many reasons, but mostly due to lack of vision and confidence.  Putting your thoughts out there for anyone to see is scary, especially if you aren’t sure what you are trying to accomplish.

Recently, I took a large step out of my comfort zone and asked someone to be my mentor.  I have been reading articles on how to advance your career and most of them have mentioned finding a mentor who does exactly what you’d hope to do in the future.  Being a dietitian who strongly believes in intuitive eating, I searched for other dietitians who already integrate this practice into their nutritional counseling.  Through Instagram, I found Emily Fonnesbeck.  She has already discovered the power of intuitive eating and strives to help others find peace with food.  I visited her website and found her blog very inspiring.  I realized she would be just the person I would like to have as a mentor.  The only problem was that she was located in Utah and I’m was in North Carolina.  So somewhat apprehensively, I sent her an email asking her to be my mentor.

To my surprise, she responded quickly and said she’d love to be my mentor!  We have been able to communicate regularly through email and have had the chance to FaceTime with each other.  Isn’t technology awesome!?

In the short time we have been in contact, she has already provided me with some valuable information to help me become the dietitian I hope to be.  One of her goals is to help me “find my voice” as a dietitian and suggested I start blogging.  After talking with her and now feeling like I have more of a vision of what I want this blog to accomplish, I decided to start writing again.  I do not know where this will take me, but my biggest hope is to help someone find peace with food and themselves.

I hope this inspires others, especially fellow RD’s, to take a step out into the unknown and reach for something they have dreamed of, but weren’t sure how to make it happen.  Finding a mentor to guide you in the process will be invaluable.

Life Happens

Hey everyone!  I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have not been posting much recently.  First it was because I was out of town, but now something else has come up.  Such is life.

My sister-in-law has been diagnosed with aplastic anemia and is in the hospital in Columbus, OH.  My husband had to travel there to see if he would be a match to donate bone marrow to her.  Luckily we just found out he is a match (Woohoo!), so we had to go back so he could go get a full medical work-up.  We will be going back next week to do the transplant and then we will be waiting to see if it worked.  Needless to say our schedules have been out of wack so I have not been near my computer very much, let alone long enough to write a blog.

I promise to get back to writing more consistently, but for now I ask for your patience.  Also, if you pray, please keep Nate and his sister in your prayers.  We would really appreciate it!

Liebster Award

Hey everyone!  Sorry I have been MIA for the past week.  I attended the Multi-State Nutrition Assistant’s Conference in Concord, NC last week and then met up with my husband for a fun little weekend exploring Raleigh, NC.  (More blogs to come.)  When I came home and actually had time to get on my computer, I saw I had been awarded the Liebster Award from my friend Thea at Rants, Raves, and Rations.  Thanks so much Thea!

The Liebster Award is for blogs with less than 200 followers.  The rules include:

• Post 11 random facts about yourself.
• Answer the 11 questions made by the person who nominated you.
• Create 11 questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.
• Choose 11 bloggers to pass the award to and mention them in your post.
• Go to their blogs and let them know that they have been nominated.
• No tag backs.

Random Facts:

  • I got engaged on the Great Wall of China.
  • I once got a mild concussion and whiplash during an (intense) volleyball game.
  • Ellie Krieger was my inspiration for going into the field of nutrition and dietetics.
  • My favorite store is Anthropologie.
  • I took dance classes from age 2 to 18, but still consider myself a dancer.
  • I can do the Thriller dance.
  • My favorite thing to do is go somewhere I have never been before and explore the area.
  • I have 2 tattoos.
  • I take road trips to go to awesome grocery stores that I don’t have at home.  (Ex:  Jungle Jim’s, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and Fresh Market)
  • My favorite flowers are poppies.
  • I LOVE dark chocolate almond milk.

Questions from Thea:

  • If you could cook with one famous foodie (chef, food writer, TV cook, etc.), who would it be and why?  Ellie Krieger because she is also an RD and has cookbooks on how to make healthy food taste good.  She doesn’t skimp on the “good” stuff either!
  • What is your favorite kitchen utensil? My $2 IKEA milk frother.  I don’t always use it to froth milk for my coffee, but I use it everyday to stir my coffee.  That still counts right?
  • Hot or cold breakfast? Oooh, that’s a tough one.  Oatmeal has always been my favorite breakfast, but I have been on a cereal kick lately.
  • Tea or coffee? Definitely coffee.  I have tried several times to be a tea drinker and have found some teas I do like, but when it comes down to it I am more likely to grab a cup of coffee.
  • What is your favorite cookbook? “Comfort Food Fix” by Ellie Krieger.  It is full of your favorite comfort foods made a little healthier.
  • Sweet or savory snacks? Sweet!  I have a HUGE sweet tooth!
  • What is your favorite travel destination of all time and why? I would have to say either Charleston, SC or Savannah, GA.  I LOVE the southern charm of both places and think they are absolutely beautiful.
  • If you could only eat one specific meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Honestly, I would have to say Cinnamon Life cereal.  It’s a comfort food for me and so yummy!
  • What is your most accomplished moment in the kitchen? Recently, my husband and I made some baozi.  It was our favorite breakfast while I visited him in China.  It did not taste anywhere near as good as what we got there, but it was the closest we have here.  
  • What are some of your pantry staples? Oatmeal, peanut butter, beans, whole grain rice, and Nutella.  ; )
  • What are your top three food aversions? I’m not a very picky eater so this is tough for me.  I guess I’d have to say anything super slimy and Durian fruit.

Questions for my nominees:

  • If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
  • What is your favorite cooking show?
  • Do you like to listen to music while cooking?
  • Do you have a favorite person in the Bible?
  • What is your favorite thing for breakfast?
  • Do you eat any foods in a way others consider odd or different?
  • What is your favorite kind of ethnic food?
  • What is your favorite form of exercise?
  • Dark, milk, or white chocolate?
  • What constitutes a healthy lifestyle to you?
  • Outdoors or indoors?


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I needed this little reminder today, especially now that I have started this blog.  I see so many great blogs out there and hope to be at least half as good as them.  I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist and don’t like it when I venture out into a world that I don’t already know how to handle.  The blog world is definitely a different arena for me, but I am excited about it’s possibilities.

So, if you are like me, allow yourself to be a beginner.  It might be kind of fun.  : )

Have a blessed day!


Hey everyone!  I am so excited to get this blog up and running!  Before I get started, let me fill you in on what to expect while reading Graceful Nutrition.

Information and tips on:

  • Evidence-based holistic nutrition
  • Mindfulness
  • Exercise
  • Disordered eating/eating disorders

You will also find:

  • Bible verses and biblical information to help support a healthy lifestyle
  • Recipes
  • Snap-shots into my own life as I try to treat my body with grace

I will also be on Twitter daily providing tips to complement my blog posts.  The daily Twitter topics will be:

  • Mindful Monday:  Tips on eating and living mindfully
  • Thankful Tuesday:  Tips on how to cultivate thankfulness into our daily lives
  • Word Wednesday:  Bible verses or biblical tips to help promote healthy living
  • Try Something New Thursday:  Ways to get out of a rut and keep life exciting
  • Fit Friday:  Fitness tips

You can find me as @gracefulrdn on Twitter.

I hope to encourage those of you who are confused by all the nutrition information floating around out there or who are struggling with disordered eating, eating disorders, or obesity.