New Year’s Letter

Dear Friend,

Here we are.  It’s the start of a new year, a blank slate.  What will this year bring?  What are you hoping for?  What are your goals?  Are you going to make any resolutions?

I remember this time last year, you made a resolution to lose weight.  You spent time, money, and energy preparing for this goal.  You got a gym membership, you asked for workout clothes for Christmas, and you stocked your fridge with organic fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.  Your pantry housed whole grains (but no too many) and tea (no coffee because the only way you like coffee is with cream and sugar).  You purchased a Clean Eating cookbook with the gift card you got in your stocking.  You were so psyched to make last year your healthiest yet!  As the year went on, you were struggling to meet the expectations you had set for yourself.  You were missing your weight goals and you could not figure out why, so you switched up your diet plan to ditch the carbs.  You knew that gave you quick results the last time you did it, but you did not have the willpower to keep the weight off.  This year would be different.  As the year progressed you were meetings your goals, but were still behind where you wanted to be.  You felt like a failure.  Then the holidays approached again and you decided you were tired of thinking about food all the time and you wanted to enjoy the holidays and start again with the New Year.

How many years has this pattern happened?  The hashtag #NewYearNewYou is so tempting and you want that to be true for you, but you are also tired of not enjoying your life.  What if you made a different resolution this year?  I know it’s scary to go into the new year without a health goal, but what if you decided to learn more about how your body works instead of forcing it to change?  What if there are some things you are already doing that positively effect your health that you might enjoy doing more of?  I hope you are able to put some thought into your resolutions this year and chose to do something that will bring more peace and less stress into your already stressful life this year.  You deserve it.


A concerned friend


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