Quit the Comparison Game

As the weather starts to warm up, many of you may feel like you need to get “bikini body ready.”  Your Facebook newsfeed is probably exploding with links to “Bikini Body Diets” and your Pinterest page is probably overflowing with pictures of beautiful women sporting the newest bathing suit trends.  I know mine is.

But what does “bikini body ready” even mean?  How do you determine if you are “worthy” of wearing a bikini, or any type of bathing suit for that matter?  From personal experience and being around other women, I can see that it all comes down to comparison.

“If I look as good as her in this bathing suit, then I can probably wear it.”

“Everyone will be wearing a bikini except me.  I have to wear a boring one-piece.”

What do we typically wear bathing suits for?  Swimming

Do you see how these statements take the focus off of the main purpose?  The focus is no longer on spending time outside in the warm weather, swimming with friends and family.  The focus is now on how you rank among the people you are around.

It is easy to get lured into the comparison game.  On a rare occasion, you may perceive yourself to be “better” than the other person, which makes you feel good and leads you to want to do it again.  However, on most occasions, you end up finding flaws and that completely drains the fun out of the situation.

If you truly want to enjoy your summer, try to focus on the moment.  Wear your bathing suit and enjoy the cool, refreshing water on your skin.  Try to drown out the mental chatter that tells you you don’t measure up.  You deserve to enjoy your life, no matter how you look doing it.

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