Vegetarian Experiment Conclusion

So I know it has been a little while past the end of our Vegetarian Experiment, but I am just now able to post about it.  Sorry for taking so long, but life has been a little crazy lately!

If you are just now reading and don’t know about the Vegetarian Experiment, check it out here.

We had our first bites of meat in Raleigh, NC at an Asian restaurant (sorry I can’t remember the name :-/).  Nate enjoyed the Kung Pao Chicken while I had Pad Thai with chicken.  It was pretty delicious and we did not feel too bad or really any different after eating it.


The first bite!

I stuck with chicken the remainder of the weekend, while Nate was a bit more ambitious and had a hamburger.  It did not go very well.  He said it made him feel heavier and a little nauseous, not enough to be physically ill, but he just didn’t feel as well as he had been.  Maybe this was because it was a heavy hamburger and not a leaner type of meat?  Possibly, but Nate concluded he would prefer to eat mostly vegetarian meals.

So here is the conclusion we came to.  We will continue to eat mainly meatless, but will probably incorporate leaner meats occasionally.  Like I mentioned before, there is nothing inherently wrong with eating meat, especially local, ethically treated meats.  We just feel better eating mostly meatless meals and this goes along with our intuitive/mindful eating mentality.

Are any of you vegetarians?  Is it for ethical or health reasons, or do you just feel better like we do?